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Photos on this site are examples of jewelry that I have made. The colors of the beads or accents may no longer be available. I have Swarovski crystals and pearls accumulated but once they are depleted other brands of high quality crystals will be utilized. I will do custom pieces of jewelry for a specific color, size and individual accents. If you see an item and I still have access to the exact bead I will gladly make it for you. Prices of each item are dependent upon the quality & quantity of materials as well as the intensity of the work involved.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade and individualized. Please reference the number given to each piece if you are interested in placing an order. A quote for the cost of the item can be determined before the item is made. Inquiries can be made at bigwhitedogstudio@gmail.com. If you want to see where the Big White Dog Studio will be next, go to the Big White Dog Studio on Facebook for a listing of future events. Let's work together to make a special piece for you.

Patty Kester, Designer