Example of a pearl and crystal memory wire bracelet.  #1

Memory wire bracelets with multicolor Mermaid beads.  #2
Memory wire bracelet with pearls & glass beads in shades of brown, peach & green.  #3
Multi-shape glass bead memory wire bracelet.  #4
Four different bracelet styles.
Top:  Orange rubber memory wire bracelet with thin clay beads & brightly colored acrylic beads & silver colored butterfly beads.
Left: Stretch rose pearl ankle bracelet with white pearl, black disc & black glass bead accents.
Middle:  Lavender Mermaid bead stretch bracelet with crystal accents & silver colored butterfly charm.
Right:  Stretch green polished gemstones & yellow pearl bracelet with gold colored accents. #5
Salmon glass colored beads & lavender pearl beads with glass beads & rose colored accent beads on a memory wire.

Yellow & brown colored Mermaid beads with crystal & gold accent beads & crystal and gold dangle on a memory wire.  #6

Stretch Sunflower glass beads accented with light blue semi-precious gemstones, white glass beads, yellow Swarovski beads & silver colored beads.  #7
Ankle bracelet as seen in previous #5
Mermaid bracelet as seen in above #2
Stretch multi-colored glass bead ankle bracelet in tones of green, yellow, red & orange with gold colored accents. #8
Stretch brown swirl center glass bead accented with brown colored Mermaid beads & gold accents. #9
Stretch peach & green colored semi-precious gemstone bracelet accented with light brown pearls, 'Love" bead & Swarovski gold crystal. #10
Memory wire bracelet with pink, black & clear beads accented with white plastic beads, pearls, crystal beads & a "Love Much" charm. #11
Lavender pearls, brown crystals with rose gold accent memory wire bracelet. #12
Stretch ankle bracelet made of soft brown pearls, black glass beads, pink glass cats-eye beads, rose gold colored accents & pink glass flower beads. #13

Aromatherapy bracelet. the heart stone in the bracelet is composed of lava rock and drops of essential oils can be added to the stone for a continuous scent. The bracelet is composed of peach colored pearls and gold colored spacer accents. #14

This is a bracelet and earring combination.  The pearls are Swarovski and glass pearls. The bi-cone beads are Swarovski crystals.#15

This is a memory wire bracelet composed of glass pearls, seed beads, silver colored accents and rubber beads (royal blue and cream discs). #16

Another view of the bracelet listed above.

This bracelet is made of semi-precious multi-faceted Carnelian crystals. Carnelian restores vitality and motivation and stimulates creativity. #17

This bracelet is made with plastic beads. An unusual color combination. #18

The center rectangular crystal bead is recycled and the beige discs are rubber. The colors in this bracelet are beige, amber, topaz and gold accents. #19

Memory wire bracelet with crystal tubes, seed beads and crystal beads. Enameled dragonfly charm completes the bracelet.#20

Semi-precious gemstones, pearls and crystals stretch bracelet in beiges, browns and orange.#21

A stretch bracelet made out of wood beads, white glass beads & glass stocking bead for the holidays.#22

The center glass bead is recycled and is surrounded by glass pearls and rose gold colored accents.#23

Memory wire bracelet made of purple and beige colored semi-precious gemstones. There are amber and topaz crystals. #24

Memory wire bracelet with green colored seed beads, semi-precious gemstones in neutral colors and Italian stitched leather cord in metallic green with gold colored accents. #25

Motorcycle inspired memory wire bracelet. The bracelet has orange and black beads and crystals including a orange Swarovski crystal skull.  The charm on the bracelet is a skull and flames.#26

This stretch bracelet was made with all Swarovski pearls and crystals in green and white. #27

Another Swarovski pearl and crystal stretch bracelet in white and blue with sterling silver accents. #28

Memory wire bracelet with pink semi-precious gemstones, pink glass pearls, pink seed beads, Swarovski heart beads and bi-cone crystal beads. The dangle is a pink Swarovski crystal. #29

An assortment of face mask lanyards.  These connect to your face mask and you will never lose your mask again. #30

These bracelets are made with 2 types of chains and embellished with leather. The bracelet can be worn by both men and women and many color combinations are possible. #31

A stretch bracelet with a mixture of semi-precious gemstones, glass pearls & seed beads in browns, beige & cream  #32

Leather bracelets with dangles and charms. #33

Melon colored seed beads and purple glass pearls with rose gold accents on a memory wire bracelet. #34

Memory wire bracelets with wood rondelle beads and clay Heishi rondelle beads. #35

Memory wire bracelet of miracle beads in fuchsia, blue, green, rose accented by Swarovski pearls and crystal beads with a pink drusy heart charm. #36

Memory wire bracelets with a southwestern feel.  Semi-precious blue turquoise beads accented with amber crystal colored beads and assorted metal spacers. #37