Acrylic brooch flower in yellow, orange, green and pink. #1

A brooch in blues and green colors. A blue acrylic trumpet flower contains a rhinestone center. The organza flower has a seed bead center. The leaves are made of material and glass. #2

Iridescent orange & green acrylic flower with a stamen center brooch. The main flower is circled by acrylic leaves, stamens and three trumpet flowers.  This brooch is very colorful and bright. #3

Acrylic brooch in pastel colors. One flower has a rhinestone center. #4

Diaper safety pin brooch. The pin is accented with a sun charm, resin sunflower charm and enamel bedazzled bumble bee charm. #5

Brooch composed of light brown and beige acrylic leaves. The center of the leaves contain a small purple flower with a stamen and Swarovski crystal flames and stamens on top of each leaf. #6

Diaper safety pin brooch accented with an angel composed of Swarovski crystal beads and pink enameled angel wings.  There are also pink and clear seed bead accents. #7

White porcelain rose brooch with glass leaves, acrylic flowers, acrylic leaves and multiple stamens. #8

Handmade felt poinsettia flower with festive glitter green, red and gold brooch. #9

A Swarovski crystal angel diaper safety pin brooch. This angel has an amber colored skirt and gold colored wings. Swarovski crystal beads and pearls accent the angel. #10

Acrylic flowers and leaves in pastel colors brooch. The colors in this brooch are lavender, blue, pink and beige. The flowers include stamens and the main flower is embellished with a rhinestone. #11